SportsImagery going away, but I’m not!

I gave a go at for a couple years, focusing on kids sports photography as a business.  It was a great experience and something I’ve very glad I did, but it became less fun over time and it was far too time consuming for the amount of sales I received.  It certainly wasn’t worth the extra hassle while doing taxes!

So I’m retiring the Sports Imagery brand and have converted the site into this, a simple WordPress site under my own name.  This works out good for me because, while I still shoot sports from time to time, I’m actually finding even more enjoyment out of my general photography and I want a place to be able to share and talk about it.

I don’t expect to be extremely active on this site, but I do hope I have images that are worthy of posting at least every month.    Please take a look through my galleries (mostly hosted on Flickr) and the best way to show me you like my work is to follow me there and star some pictures you like.

More to come…

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